141 datasets found
  • Attorneys General's Opinions

    Official opinions on legal matters, issued by Virginia attorneys general since 1996. Official opinions are legal advice, not personal opinions, and represent the attorney...
  • Streamflow Conditions

    The rate at which water is flowing through Virginia streams, at 194 locations. Current data typically are recorded at 15- to 60-minute intervals, stored onsite, and then...
  • Restaurant Inspections

    Virginia Department of Health inspections of restaurants, fast food operations, delis, cafeterias, and food service establishments inspected by local health departments.
  • Executive Orders

    Executive Orders issued by Virginia governors.
  • State Agency Websites

    List of every state agency and their website address, scraped from the agency website directory.
  • Department of Taxation Annual Report

    Reports individual and corporate income tax, sales and use tax, local property tax, and other state tax data.
  • Average Daily Traffic Volumes

    Average daily traffic volumes with vehicle classification data on interstate, arterial and primary routes.
  • Legislative Video Index

    An index of video of floor sessions from the Virginia Senate and the House of Delegates since 2008. Every legislator that has spoken and every bill that has been discussed, with...
  • Campaign Committee Reports

    Reports filed with the State Board of Elections by campaign committees (including candidates).
  • Defined Terms in the Code of Virginia

    A dictionary of all terms defined in the Code, with each term’s definition, the section in which it is defined, and the scope (section, chapter, title, universal) of that...
  • Public Comments on Proposed Regulation

    Every comment provided by members of the public in response to proposed changes to state regulations, as posted to Virginia Regulatory Town Hall. This is screen-scraped with a...
  • VDOT 511 Geodata

    GeoJSON records from the Virginia 511 site—road work, traffic cameras, accidents, etc.—providing near-real-time data about road conditions.
  • State Budget

    The budget, as assembled by the General Assembly.
  • Agency Checkbooks

    Every payment made by every state agency (including colleges) since 2009.
  • Dangerous Dog Registry

    Dogs registered as "dangerous" with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, under § 3.2-6540.
  • Vehicle Registrations

    All registrations of vehicles with the DMV, going back to 2004, by year and also, since 2010, by month, broken down into the categories of domestic cars, import cars, and all...
  • Rulings Cite a Given Law

    Retrive a list of rulings that cite a specific law.
  • Legislation

    Legislation introduced to the General Assembly.
  • Code Sections Affected by Bills, 2006–

    Every bill that has affected a given section of the Code of Virginia, listing the year, the bill number, and the section number.
  • General Assembly Members

    Basic data about every current member of the Virginia General Assembly.
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